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The GXR-SD Series is a diagnostic digital radiography system providing reliable high quality digital radiographic images with reduced dose. The GXR-SD DR systems provides comprehensive digital solutions to all radiography needs, featuring GXR-SD digital imaging system with stationary or portable digital flat-panel detectors, reliable high-frequency x-ray generator which has worldwide reputation on excellent performance, lifetime and stability. Also user-friendly designed various tube stands, patient table and wall stand are offered for user’s choice. The GXR-SD Series DR system will improves your workflow, exam throughput and efficiency with excellent performance.

The DIAMOND DR System is a fully automatic digital radiographic system providing state-of-the-art image quality, image processing and user interface; making the system easy to use and reliable while providing high quality digital  radiographic images with reduced dose.

Selection of an anatomical study on the imaging software automatically sets up the x-ray generator’s preprogrammed exposure technique setting, motorized radiographic stand positioning, x-ray collimation and post image processing for selected study. Also, removable high resolution grids which have 100 and 180cm (40 and 72 inch) focal distance supplies excellent image quality per each SID.

The DIAMOND DR System has been specially developed for moderate budgets and small spaces. A fully digital workflow, convenient auto-positioning, and advanced image processing, make this versatile system a sensible choice.

Experience the quality and value in a DIAMOND digital radiography system for all common applications! The DIAMOND DR system will serve you to achieve the big performance with small effort.

The newly designed GXR diagnostic X-ray system provides an analogue adiographic room that perfectly fits your workflow and budget, which can be easily upgraded to DR system with the help of DR interface and PC interface in the generator as well as Bucky suitable to Flat Panel Detector. DRGEM’s GXR X-ray system is equipped with a high frequency X-ray generator which consistently produces high quality images based on high quality X-ray output with a very small kV ripple and accurate mA and timer control. GXR X-ray system is designed for operator and patient comfort with the moving components specially designed to reduce electromechanical lock noise. Experience the quality, durable and user-friendly operation for all applications with the GXR X-ray system!

It begins with Adavanced Technology

DRGEM’s newly launched Mobile Digital Radiography system is developed by DRGEM’s accumulated high technology
and experience through a decade of experience in conventional and digital radiography system.

With DRGEM’s TOPAZ, you can make your work easier and more productive and maxmize your satisfaction
in maneuverability and digital imaging process and speedy processing.

And it also provides user-friendly state of the art software to fit your needs with the highest image quality.


  • DAP(Dose Area Product) meter
  • AEC( 2 fields, Mobile ion chamber)
  • Easy Detachable High Resolution Grid and Holder